Good project briefing is the progressive stage by stage capture of the Client's requirements. 


The challenge is to navigate a successful path through complexity and difference. This is both

Art and Science. 

 and can feel like unravelling spaghetti unless appropriately structured.



Brown A Consulting provides trusted and experienced professional advice, project management and project co-ordination/direction services for Clients (both experienced and inexperienced) who are already involved with or who are just starting to think about property development.


Alan Brown, who is the principal consultant and owner is an architect and registered RIBA Client Advisor with over 40 years hands-on project experience from project inception through to completion (Stages 0-7 see below). He is an experienced and skilful designer with specific skills in working with complex 'User Clients' and in the preparation of strategic and project briefs, master plans and imaginative design concepts.


Brown A provides experienced project support suited to each individual Client which is highly responsive and tailored to suit their requirements and culture. Working collaboratively we listen so as to accurately interpret a Client's requirements whilst providing the professional rigour essential for any successful project.



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