Selected projects by MC+P Architects and IID Architects for which Alan Brown was principal project lead from 1982 through to 2015

1982 RGB Kew 

1988 New Church 

1988 New Church 

1982 RGB Kew 

2000 Primary School 

2001 Primary School 

1989 IID Studio


1993 Surgery

2003 Girls secondary school 

2014 Performing Arts Centre 

2015/16 Jun School 

2011Primary School 

2015/16 Junior School 

2011 PassivHaus 

2012 Primary School 

2010 Primary School 

2010 Extended Learning Centre 

2009 Student Flats  

A range of projects all with user clients; each of which had individual requirements requiring a carefully structured collaboration with the users whether they were botanists at Kew Gardens, church leaders and members, GP's or school communities including governors, teaching staff, support staff, pupils and parents as well as the wider communities affected by the proposed developments. Many of these projects also had very sensitive site settings for which careful negotiation with planners was required to ensure a successful planning outcome.

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